The Free Museum of The Bronx

Hidden gem edition 💎💎💎
Location-1040 Grand Concourse. Bronx, NY Corner of 165th st
Today we are reviewing the Bronx Museum of Arts. The museum is located on Grand Concourse not far from the Yankee Stadium and the Andrew Freeman home. The museum was established in 1971 in partnership with the Bronx Council of Arts and the Metropolitan museum. It was first housed in the Bronx County Courthouse on the 1st floor. For its first few years, it remained there.

In 1982, the city purchased a vacant Synagogue, which was once, Young Israel Synagogue. The original building was constructed from 1959 to 1961 and was designed by Simon B. Zelnick. This building became the new location for the museum and opened in May 1983. In 2004, construction started for an expansion and was finished in 2006. The expansion was designed by the firm Arquitectonica.
The World exhibitSMXLL

  The building resembles a paper fan or accordion. It received more expansion in 2008, which became an art center for kids activities. In 2012, the museum stopped charging an admittance fee and is now completely free. The exhibits change often and you will never find the same exhibitions in different seasons. This is what makes this museum unique. While most museum in New York city stay with the same exhibitions. They also have many free events with free snacks and refreshments. This is a must, if you are in the Bronx. Try to go when there is an event going on, usually at night. We recommend for teenagers and up. Check here for events:

 We suggest only bringing kids where there are kid oriented events. Some displays have graphic content. If you are an art fanatic, then please add this place to your list. You won’t regret it! We consider this a hidden gem because it is not taken advantage of. Will you get creative?
Go forth, explore and discover!