The Hidden Museum of Houdini

421 7TH AVE 3RD FLOOR, AROUND THE CORNER FROM 7TH AVE. Enter on 33rd Street.

 Harry Houdini was one of the most famous magicians and illusionist of all time. He was born as Erik Weisz in 1874. He fell in love with magic at a young age and read memoirs of the French magician Robert-Houdin. By adding an “I” to his last name, he became Houdini. Only at 5’4, he commanded attention as he performed amazing stunts.

 Houdini became famous for his escape performances, where he challenged local police enforcement to lock him up. He went on tour throughout the US and Europe.  His stunt became more elaborate  as his career expanded, including chains, ropes slung from skyscrapers, straitjackets under water, and having to escape from many specially made handcuffs. He was even buried alive! Houdini was obsessed with asylums and their devices. Houdini used many straitjackets in his performances, now on displayed at the Harry Houdini Museum.

 Although many say his stunts were fake, Houdini was quick to debunk and expose fraudulent acts such as spiritualism. He is well known for taking down the world of “spiritualism.”  In the museum you will find spiritualistic expose items,which he used to debunk many fraudulent artists. He also sued anyone who tried to imitate his performances. Harry Houdini was also a aviator and an actor. Throughout his career, he became known as the Master Escape artist.
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 The Museum opened in October 2012, located right in the heart of New York City. The museum is FREE admission and you can find some magicians hanging out. The museum holds some of Houdini’s rare artifacts and belongings. There are over 1500 items on displayed, many of his escape acts and posters. There are ridiculous handcuffs, the original Metamorphosis trunk, straitjackets and much more!
 There is a magic stage for special events and even a bunny. The museum is located in the headquarters of Fantasma Magic, the leading manufacturer of magic tricks. There are many magic tricks and books for sale. The artifacts are from the private collection of Roger Dreyer, CEO of Fantasma Toys and Magic. This is quite the hidden gem! The museum is small but filled with so much to see! We recommend it for all ages. Even after Houdini’s death in 1926, he is still seen as the Magic Icon everyone knows today! Will you pull a magic trick?