10 Things to do in NYC on a rainy day

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Rainy weather can definitely put a damper on your plans but we got you covered. Those indoor days will always be one day or some day. We compiled a  short list of the top indoor activities to do on a rainy day, snowy day or just too hot to be outside day in NYC. Take a look



If you are a New Yorker, then you probably never seen a Broadway show. Most New Yorkers think that Broadway will always be and they will always have time to catch a Broadway show one day. Well watch a Broadway show on an indoor day. There are so many options and you can always catch a show on Broadway week. All tickets are 2 for the price of 1. Broadway shows are a must in NYC because where else is there a famous Broadway.


New York City is mostly known for it’s museums. We have a museum in almost every single neighborhood. I usually recommend museums based on the person or group. There are adult museums and family museums you know. There are some of the oddest museums in NYC and some of the most famous. If you want something different then try the City Reliquary, Houdini Museum, Smile Museum, Elevator Museum, Coney Island Museum or The Maritime Museum. There is always something to interest everyone.


Every girl knows that if it is a hot day or rainy day then you head over to a mall or shopping center. Go ahead spoil yourself hunty. New York City boasts so many shopping centers, its hard to keep your wallet in your pocket. And who doesn’t want to take a stroll down 5th Ave.


Whether you want to have fun or play a sport then head on down to Chelsea Piers. There is loads of family fun here and they even have camps. You can go for a swim or swing some golf balls. Host a party, do some dancing or take a cruise. So much to do here, you will need a few rainy days to get everything done.


Become your inner Belle and explore a library. The NYPL is right on 5th Ave and 42nd. Explore the architecture, the books, or do some of the homework you keep procrastinating on.


Call all your friends and invite them to a game of pool. Some bars all around the city actually have game nights. You can even find themed Billiard halls such as the Space Billiard. Grab a pool stick and a cold one.



Smell the flowers, indoors of course. It is quite surprising how many free atrium NYC has. There’s one in the Lincoln Center, South Street Seaport, in the Bank of America Building, The United Nations Headquarters and the one in Brookfield Place. There is also the indoor gardens in the Bronx and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.


Time to relax over a cup of coffee or tea and catch up on some gossip. Grab the ladies or bros and head over to a tea house. Indulge yourself in some much needed catch up time over some delicious dessert. We recommend the Prince Tea House in Brooklyn or Queens


If you are looking for something fun, then take the family over to a roller skate rink or an indoor ice skating rink. There are a few of each.  You will find most roller skating rinks in Brooklyn while you will find indoor ice skating rinks in Manhattan. There is one in Chelsea Piers which you can take figure skating classes.


For those of you with kids, then explore a children museum. I recommend the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Take those little rugrats in after their day nap. Let them go crazy, after all it is a museum for children. They can touch and poke everything. By the time you get home, they will be knocking out.

Go forth, Explore and Discover!