Best Places for Iconic NYC Photos

Steffry. S
June 24th 2019



As New Yorkers rush by the One World Trade, they are ignorant to the beauty that stands before them. Not because they do not appreciate it but because they have to GET TO WORK! If you wish to take the iconic close by yet far picture of this marvelous skyscraper than Fulton street is where you should head. A word of caution, you will be going from corner to corner trying to get the best angle. Don’t get run over by a car or a New Yorker


One of the most iconic and breathe taking photos of NYC can be taken on top of the Rock. Yes, It does cost money to go to the top of Rockefeller Center but the pictures you get out of it, is worth it! We recommend Rockefeller center because it shows the best views of Lower Manhattan. It gives you the Iconic picture with the Empire State Building and the World trade Center in the background. It also gives close up of Central Park as well. Make sure you visit right before sundown. This will assure that you get pictures during the day and night.



Some of the best photos of the skyline with the Brooklyn Bridge have been taken in this park. The park itself is relaxing and beautiful, however it’s the views that will leave you gasping for air. Make sure you go on a clear day or during sunrise. This will assure some nice reflection off of the buildings. You can also take a whirl on Jane’s Carousel.

4.Washington St.(Manhattan Bridge. Brooklyn Side)

One of the most Iconic photos of NYC bridges, is of the Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building right underneath it. Do not be fool by other pictures. The Empire State building is not as close as you see in other pictures. Many photographers photoshop it larger to get the dramatic effect. In our picture, no photoshop was done. This is literally how small the Empire Buildings looks when taking this Iconic picture. As of result of no photoshop, the Manhattan bridge is out casting the Empire State Building. Still an iconic picture and we recommend you go during a clear day.

5.Brooklyn Bridge 

One of the most photographed bridges of New York City, is the Brooklyn Bridge. If you do not want people in the background, then you will have to go early or really late. Un;less you know how to photoshop people out of the background. The Brooklyn Bridge is a must see for all tourists and New Yorkers alike. It is the most Iconic bridge in NYC. Not only will you get the Iconic photo of the Bridge but also of the Skyline.

 6.Central Park. 

Central Park has many follies. A folly is just a structure made as nothing more than something that looks pretty and Central Park has tons of them. The builders of Central Park, designed it for all and they Expect you to enjoy it. Take your camera and go for a stroll. There is much to see and much to photograph here. Take a pick, the pond, the Great lawn, The Elm Mall, The Castle, The Terrace, the Boathouse, Tavern on the Green, The Lake, the Reservoirr, the bridges(Neither one is the same), Shakespeare gardens and