Best Places for Iconic NYC Photos

We narrowed down the best places for those iconic NYC views and photographs. The magical places to make the photographer in you marvel.


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The Island of Seafood

Let your taste buds run wide at Island of Seafood, City Island. An island off the coast of the Bronx, with lots of food to offer. A hidden gem of food.

The Cottage Of The Raven

Explore the tiny cottage of Edgar Allan Poe, where his wife past away and where he created some of his most famous poems

Museum of NY Transit

Jump into the past and explore the timeline of the MTA. Learn about the beginnings, the present and the future of New York’s Transit system. Fun for all ages

The Haunted Mansion of Jumel

Dare to enter the haunted house of Mrs. Eliza Jumel? The rumors are true. The spirit of Jumel still haunts the beautiful mansion. Would you visit the spirits of the Jumels?

The Maritime Museum of the Bronx

Explore the Hidden Fort on the edge of the Bronx. Learn about it’s past and their Maritime Museum. One of a kind in the Bronx