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Welcome to Our Blog.

We explore New York State and share our experience of what we find along our travel. In our category, Experience New York, you will read about some of our must-do in New York. Experience, the New York State of Mind, while reading through our posts of New York Experience. In our category, Hidden Gems, explore the secrets and rare locations of New York. 

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We share our travels of less visited locations around New York State. These gems attraction may be known to very few, however, we recommend all hidden gems on our list. There is something extraordinary about them and we find them absolutely fascinating! In our category, Connections of NY, Learn about the history and facts about the roads and bridges that connects this beautiful state with the outside world. Learn about the history of its construction and architects. Explore our site to seek new adventures.


PLAY The Explorer-NY Game. Fun and easy! Learn a lot more about New York by playing this game.

Grab any map of NY. Preferably a NYC subway map if you do have a car and a New York State if you do own a car. Place the map on a table and blindfold yourself. Give yourself a spin and point to somewhere on the map. Wherever you pointed, is where you are heading!
Rules- After you chose your random location, research before you go.  Make sure it is a safe area before going.  Never go into an area that is NOT Safe. Your safety comes first. Take some friends with you if you wish. The more, the merrier!             GAME RULES
1.Talk to the locals. Sometimes they give the best insights on the best food, lounge, attractions and drinks to find in the area. 
2. Try out an attraction in the area!
3. Try a restaurant in the area!
4. Take pictures! Post your pictures with #thenycexplorer or on our visitor posts. We want to share them!




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Go Forth, Explore and Discover! Enjoy a quick adventure with friends and family. Be Safe!